Michael Lyon - Sponsored Athlete Interview January 12, 2017 21:02

Simplicity + consistency = results!

That's the equation for training success, according to Urban Lifters sponsored athlete Michael Lyons.

"Keep things simple when training... follow the main movements - push, pull, squat, hinge carries and accessory exercises," he says.
"Not everyone is a bodybuilder so you don’t have to follow bodybuilding splits. When it comes to nutrition, keep it simple... eat lean protein, fresh vegs, healthy fats, eat carbs based on your activity and drink more water. Don't get bogged down in detail too soon. Stay CONSISTENT, work HARD you will get RESULTS."

The former Gaelic footballer and hurler has won numerous championships, his greatest achievement winning an All-Ireland medal. He also competed in amateur boxing, but turned to gym based sports after suffering an injury.

"Since then I’ve always had that competitive nature about me. I found my love for weights, having competed in a local powerlifting event and although I love being strong, I think we can all agree that most people go to the gym to look good... as vein as it sounds. So I trained for aesthetics photo shoots."

Michael has a number of goals for the year ahead.

"I want to pull a triple bodyweight deadlift of around 240kg at 80kg. Another goal for this year is to get lean and stay lean most of, if not all year round.
"In terms of competing, I’m thinking of taking a turn towards a bodybuilding/Physique show. Nothing is confirmed, though I’ve set myself a goal of completing two photoshoots this year.
"I would also like to thank Urban Lifters for their ongoing support."