Realistic And Sustainable New Year January 03, 2017 21:26


The New Year is all about new beginnings for lots of people, a fresh start, the chance to hit the “reset” button after a season of eating, drinking, and being merry (and then eating some more). So it’s not surprising that come January, many of us feel the need to set some lofty goals. The thing is, only 8% of resolution makers actually achieve them. Inspiring, right?

Two words should be at the forefront of your mind when setting goals:

Be REALISTIC. Don’t set a goal that you just won’t be able to reach. We’ve all heard of the SMART theory when setting targets. Being realistic is so important to staying motivated in search of your target. If you’ve never jogged more than the distance to the car door when its raining, running a marathon by the end of January might be out of reach. But it doesn’t mean running a marathon isn’t realistic, as long as you are SMART with your goal. Join a running club, get involved in a marathon distance running programme and pick a date.

Make it SUSTAINABLE. Another sure roadblock to long term success is picking a goal that can be achieved... but has no long term sustainability. For example, it probably is possible to drop that stone gained over the Christmas period in four weeks if you have four servings of chicken and broccoli a day, but can you see yourself sticking to that eating plan come April? Doubtful!
Weight loss is a pretty simple science. You’re either in a calorie surplus, or deficit. You need to be in a deficit to lose weight. You get into a deficit in two ways. Eat less calories or burn more. Most people know before they put a piece of food into their mouth, whether its beneficial to their weight loss goals or not. If you don’t know, here is a one line starting point... eat from the land (food without labels) three to five times a day, focusing on lean protein sources, fresh vegetables and healthy fats. Supplement your goal by burning calories with a mixture of strength/resistance training and high intensity, circuit style workouts. Don’t focus too much on the scales. Concentrate on getting fitter, stronger and healthier. Weight loss and your ideal body composition will come as a by-product and will definitely be more sustainable than a crash style diet.

One more thing... Don't obsess on the destination. Instead, enjoy the journey. Why? Because when goal setting, there never really is a destination. When you achieve, the finish line moves a wee bit ahead of you. Learn to enjoy the process of change, and you'll turn a chore into a passion.

Happy New Year!