The importance of aerobic training January 3, 2017 21:26

It doesn’t matter what you goal is, you really should spend some time working on your aerobic energy system.

That doesn’t mean going out and running for 20 miles between squat and bench day if your goal is to compete on a powerlifting platform, but properly programmed aerobic sessions should be a vital part of your weekly training. In simple form, that means working at an elevated heart rate over a prolonged time... anything over four to six minutes should mean you are relying on your aerobic energy zone as fuel for work.

Developing your aerobic energy zone is an art, starting for most with long slow efforts and building in shorter and faster efforts as a progression. This is largely individualized, based on the athlete’s function and economy. There are a few signs you can use to identify when you are reaching your threshold, things like irregular breathing, an inability to pace and narrow focus.

There are a number of benefits to this type of training

#1- Enhances transportation of oxygen to working muscles
#2- Increased enzyme availability for muscle endurance
#3- Provides ATP required to resynthesize PCR during times of low activity between high efforts.
#4- Liberate Free Fatty Acids for fuel (regulates body fat distribution)
#5- Speeds recovery between high intensity training sessions
#6- Improves cardiovascular health and function
Grab your running shoes or jump on the rowing machine and add some value to your health and training goals. Make time for working on your aerobic energy system.