Urban Lifers Athlete Interview Lawrence Mitchell February 8, 2017 13:37

Talking Strongman with Urban Lifters ambassador Lawrence Mitchell - Aspire Fitness, Cardiff.

A relative newbie to Strongman training, Lawrence started lifting specifically for the sport just five months ago.
"I met a guy in the gym doing a strongman class, Nathan Schuznik, who was smaller than me but lifting much heavier weights," he said.
"I had never had a purpose to lift really, other than to keep healthy... but being 24 stone It came quite natural to moving things other people couldn't.
"He invited me to train with him and his friends who are also strongmen and I've been hooked since. I'm a proud member of the #UNITS strongman group."
'Law' competes in his first strongman competition on his birthday in July, which is a full open event called Angleseys strongest man.
"I'm also looking at a few other competitions. I train 4 to 6 days a week in the gym and play about with other things at home, like cardio, stretching and a few sneaky events I have hidden away."
The Welshman says his favourite events are the log and deadlift.
"These two events are the epitome of a person's true strength. You can't cheat it in the log... you lift a giant awkward object up to your chest, you can't breathe right, it doesn't balance and you can't rest it like with a bar. And of course deadlift is another true test of strength. As a child I argued with my older brother over who could pick up the biggest stone. It's a true feat to get a bend on that bar and stand it up. It uses everything you got but that's why we all love it."
So what sets Strongman apart?
"It's the drive," said Law.
"Maybe I'm not qualified enough to speak just yet but I think when you meet a serious strongman you know because they are warm, kind giants who love punishing every muscle, every day. They never moan!
"My main goals are to win my first event this year, get stronger and more experienced at events and bring my strength up gradually.
"I've been doing more volume but it's time to start dragging my maxes up soon. I want a 300 deadlift, 300 squat, 160 log and a 180 stone this year... the sooner the better!"