Note: These Elbow sleeves are sold as a PAIR.
  • 7mm Thick Premium grade Neoprene Elbow sleeves with nylon stretch to help prevent cracking
  • Urban Lifters branded and includes FREE carry case and FREE Delivery
  • Offer excellent compression, warmth and support to the elbow and surrounding area, whilst stimulating effective blood flow to the working area
  • Fully tested by athletes from a wide range of sports. Excellent protection whilst allowing for good range of motion.
  • See below for sizing information

Urban Lifters 7mm Neoprene Elbow Sleeves offer excellent compression, warmth and support to the elbow and associated tendons.

They are also highly effective in stimulating blood flow to the working area.

Whilst being heavy duty the Urban Lifters Elbow sleeves still allow for a wide range of motion and excellent comfort levels.

These factors combined make the Urban Lifters 7mm sleeves a perfect accessory for athletes across a wide spectrum including Crossfit, Weightlifting, Strongman, Powerlifting, Bodybuilding and regular gym goers simply looking for extra support whilst performing highly demanding / heavy exercises.

Given the prevelance of elbows injuries through pushing and pulling movements, give your elbows the added protection they need.

Wether you are recovering from an injury, looking to prevent future injuries or simply looking to improve your future performance, the Urban Lifters Elbow sleeves are perfect for you.

Sizing Guide: In order to identify the correct size measure the circumference of the Elbow with a straight, locked out arm.

Arm Circumference Size:

22-24cm Small
24-26cm Medium
25-28cm Large
28-32cm XLarge
32-37cm XXL

Elbow Sleeves (Pair)


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