About Us

Founded in 2015, Urban Lifters is a new and innovative Company specialising in the development of WeightLifting and Gym accessories.

As sports enthusiasts we realise the paramound importance of safety and injury prevention whilst training.

In recent years Strength and Conditioning has experienced an explosion in popularity. With greater research and professionalism it has become a huge part of all sports. Strength based sports are also growing by the day. As a society people have been much more health aware and self concious. The direct result of this a massive growth in the number of people lifting weight and trying to push their bodies to the limits.

With this massive upsurge, the incidents of injury in the gym have also grown dramtically. As lifters we have experienced this first hand. It is the result of these injuries which inspired us to create and develop products to support and stabilise the human body.

As we developed and shaped our products we have worked closely with a wide spectrum of athletes, all from varying backgrounds - WeightLifters, BodyBuilders, Powerlifters, Crossfit. This testing was invaluable and gave us a real idea of how best we can support
and protect our clients.

This end result is a full range of accessories that provide vital stabilisation, compression and support for many of the major body parts and associated tendons and ligaments that are under pressure in the gym. The obvious result of this is a far greater chance of injury prevention. Another area our products greatly help in is performance enhancement with many lifters experiencing an increase in their lifting numbers in a safe environment.

Our products are durable and effective. They have been designed to last and provide maximal comfort to the lifter. Our product range is constantly growing and evolving based on customer feedback. We are currently providing the following range:

Knee Sleeves

Knee Wraps

Wrist Straps

WeightLifting Straps

WeightLifting Belts

Dipping Belts


Please check individual product pages for full information on how they can help and protect you.