High Quality and Durability - Made of Cowhide Leather, 4 rows of stitching, white leather lining and a thick prong brass buckle, this belt is extremely durable and long lasting.

Athletic Design - The durable but soft feeling leather allows for a contoured design enabling the belt to adjust and take your body shape quickly.

Optimal Support - At 4" thickness the Urban Lifters WeightLifting Belt ensures the optimal level of support is provided. It is not too bulky to restrict range of movement, and not too fine to prevent excellent support.

Urban Lifters Branded - Belt comes complete with Urban Lifters Logo and branding. We have worked with our designers to create a belt made to stand out the from the crowd.


Why use an Urban Lifters WeightLifting Belt?

A high quality WeightLifting Belt can provide 3 main functions during heavy lifting.


Many studies have shown the correct use of a belt can help to stabilise and reduce the stress placed on the spine during heavy lifting. The belt greatly increases abdominal pressure, this increased pressure pushes the core muscles and lower back to better protect and insulate the spin. This ensures better protection during heavy Lifting.


Wearing a good belt forces lifters into using better mechanics. When lifting with a belt there is significantly less bending or rounding of the back as the belt helps to proper you into better mechanics. There is also a great increase in hip and knee flexion whilst wearing a belt. This is exactly the mechanics you want to achieve when performing both the Deadlift and Squat movements.


Scientific studies have shown that using a reliable WeightLifting belt during heavy lifting allows you to move greater loads than you would be able to without it. One recent study by Jim Stoppani, PhD took a sample of lifters and tested their 1RM both with and without a belt. His sample was made up of experienced lifters and he found that the belt allowed these lifters to squat an average of 10 pounds more than when they weren't wearing the belt. Other studies also indicate that the speed of the rep also remains greater whilst using a belt.

Sizing Guide

Small - 23" to 31"
Medium - 26" to 36"
Large - 34" to 40"
X-Large - 38" to 46"

Leather Lifting Belt


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