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Why an Urban Lifters Dipping Belt?

➤ This is the most heavy duty and durable dipping belt that we have brought to the market.

➤ We have listened to user feedback - we have made our belt thicker, increased the chain length and thickness and added extra stitching.

➤ The high quality polyproplene can stand up to the stress caused by holding extremely heavy weights.

➤ The belt has been fully tested by a wide range or athletes and is also proving extremely popular in commercial gym surrounds where there is high usage and stresses on the belt.

What is a Dipping Belt?

➤ Similar in structure to a Weight Lifting Belt, the dipping belt will wrap around your lower back.

➤ It will also include a chain which allows the athlete to attach heavy weights to themselves whilst performing a range of exercises.

➤ With heavy stitching and a 26" metal chain, the Urban Lifters Neoprene dipping belt has been built to last.

Dipping Belt


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