Premium quality Double Ply Elbow sleeves taking your lifting to the next level.

Excellent compression, warmth and support to the Elbow. Lift safely and with extreme confidence.

Stimulates effective blood flow to the working area. Improving performance and recovery times.

Ideal for Heavy Compound Lifts, WeightLifting, Powerlifting, Bodybuilding & Strongman.

100% High grade Cotton mesh with double stitching providing excellent quality, durability and a customised fit.


Why Urban Lifters Elbow Sleeves?

Protection: Our Elbow sleeves will help in the avoidance of Elbow injuries during heavy lifting. Urban Lifters Double Ply Elbow Sleeves offer excellent compression, warmth and support to the Elbow.

Performance: Our Elbow Sleeves will add numbers to your lifts. Whilst being heavy duty the Urban Lifters Elbow sleeves still allow for a wide range of motion and excellent comfort levels. Compression and increased blood flow will ensure enhanced performance.

Recovery: Our Elbow Sleeves retain heat ensuring your Elbows are warm throughout and ready for heavy loads. The compression also reduces muscle stiffness and aching joints.

Multi Purpose: Our Elbow Sleeves are ideal for athletes engaging in Heavy Compound Lifts, WeightLifting, Powerlifting, Bodybuilding & Strongman.

Who can benefit?

Anyone who wants to add numbers to their lifts, especially all their push movements including bench press, push press variations & olympic lifts.

Anyone who wants to avoid injury or enhance their recovery after heavy sessions.

Both men and woman can benefit from the customised fit afforded by our high quality Elbow Sleeves.

Elbow Sleeve Specification and Sizing:

Urban Lifters Elbow Sleeves are made from High grade Cotton.

The double stitching ensures extremely high quality, durability and robustness.

Contoured fit to ensure a customised feel for all customers.

Sizing Guide: In order to identify the correct size measure the circumference of the Elbow with a straight, locked out arm.

Arm Circumference 

15-18cm Small

18-22cm Medium

22-25cm Large

25-28cm XLarge

28-32cm XXL


Elbow Sleeves Double Ply