The Urban Lifters Hand Grips provide several vital advantages to athletes who use them:





Are you a Crossfit / Gymnast athlete and tired of torn skin on your hands?


➤Torn skin on the hands is very common in many grip intensive exercises including pullups, deadlifts, kettlebells and the Olympic lifts.


➤These injuries can be extremely disruptive to training and occur repetitively, preventing you from reaching your potential.


Urban Lifters Hand Grips are here to help to protect your hands during these strenuous workouts.

➤Even if you currently have torn skin the Urban Lifters Hand Grips can protect and ensure it heals whilst still allowing you to train.




➤This added protection ensures you can perform all grip exercises without the pain of torn skin and blisters.


➤This allows you to train harder and more regularly, without having to worry about injury to the hand.

➤They also help in combating sweat, preventing slippages on the bar and allowing the athlete to add more weight without grip becoming the failing factor.

➤The Grips are made from soft textured leather which covers the palm of your hand, comfortably adjusting to find the optimum point of contact with the weight you are gripping.

➤The large wrist wraps ensures you also benefit from excellent wrist stability and support which also helps prevent injuries and enhances performance.

Measure hand from top of the wrist to bottom of fingers:

Small (7 - 9cm)

Medium (9 - 10.5cm)

Large (10.5 - 11.5cm)









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