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  • 78" extended length 3" wide.
  • Highly elastricated support for squatting.
  • Highly elasticated for easy tightness adjustment. 

The Urban Lifters competition grade knee wraps are a vital accessory for providing additional support and stability to knees during heavy squatting.

This extra stability will provide you with the confidence to squat deep without any additional strain on the knee. Increased control will ensure that your knees stay safe which is vital given their role in everyday life! The wraps also allow for a unique "Rebound" at the bottom of the movement which means it is easier to bounce back up and complete the squat. 

The wraps will instantly allow the athlete to add weight to his / her squat and are a popular accessory for Powerlifters, Weightlifters and regular gym goers.

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Knee Wraps


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