The Urban Lifters Lever Belt is made from multiple layers of high quality premium leather. Whilst the leather will be rigid and stiff initially,
after a few uses the belt will begin to mould and take the shape of the contours of your back. This ensures the Urban Lifters Lever Belt provides
a uniquely customised fit for the owner. This customised fit ensures both the core muscles and lower back are extremely well supported during heavy lifts.
This ensures users can lift with extreme confidence in the knowledge the are properly protected and supported.

Assembling the belt also ensures that the user gets the most suitable and precise fit for them. Further enhancing the customised experience the user will benefit from. The simple design also ensures users can simply flip the lever open and closed as they need instead of wrestling with prongs on a regular belt and wasting valuable time and energy.

The Urban Lifers Lever Belt is perfect for heavy compound lifts including Squatting, Deadlifting and Strongman events. It is made with a thickness of 10mm and
has a width of 4" on the back.
It comes in a range of sizes from S - XL. See size guide below (Measurements in Inches):
Small: (26-29)

Key Points:

Safety: Extreme support and protection, securing the abdominal muscles and lower back on a wide variety of lifts, allowing for confidence during heavy compound lifting.
Quality: Pieced together with multiple layers of extremely high quality leather to provide an extremely durable 10mm protection.
Custom Fit: Over time the high quality leather moulds and takes shape with the contours of your back to provide a customised fit to best serve the owner.
Ease of Use: Once assembled the lever belt can be easily removed after a lift using the lever mechanics. Time is not wasted wrestling with the prongs of a regular belt.
Style: Excellently finished and fully branded with the famous Urban Lifters logo.


Unsure if a Lever Belt is for you?
We have rated various lifts / workouts in terms of Lever Belt suitability

Heavy Squats - 5 stars
Deadlifting - 5 stars
Crossfit WOD - 1 stars
Strongman - 5 stars
Powerlifting - 5 stars
Olympic Lifting - 1 stars

Lever Belt


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