• Meal Prep and Excellent Nutrition made easy with the new Urban Lifters Meal Prep Bag.
  • Combine work, gym and travel whilst ensuring your meals are available when you need them.
  • Don't let meal prep be the reason you are not fulfilling your fitness goal and targets.
  • Designed for busy athletes pursuing a health and fitness lifestyle.


Why Urban Lifters Meal Prep Bag

➤ Ensuring you can eat regularly and have ready access to high quality meals is a fundamental part to all fitness goals including building muscle / fat loss.

➤ This is also often the primary factor which prevents people from achieving their Health and Fitness goals. With the new Urban Lifters Meal Prep bag this will never be a problem again.

➤ The new Urban Lifters bag makes meal prep easy. It ensures your daily meals are stored safely and efficiently in our 4 High Grade Meal Boxes (900ml), complete with an effective silicon sealing ring.

➤ The bag itself is lined with high quality PEVA, which along with the Ice Box (400ml) ensures you food is kept fresh and chilled all day. ➤ It is designed for busy people who are constantly on the go. It enables people to take charge of their daily meals, rather than relying on fast food or eating out.

What's Included ➤ Meal bag Material: 840D/PU + 15C PEVA + 6mm PE foam + Elastic mesh + Nylon zipper + webbing + others Size: 27*18*21.5cm

➤ Meal box (900ml) X 4 Material: FDA grade PP + FDA grade silicon rubber sealing ringSize: 17L*11W*7.5Hcm

➤ Ice box(400ml) Size: 16L*9W*3.5D

Urban Lifters Meal Prep Bag inc 4 Containers + Ice Pack


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