Why use the new Urban Lifters Neoprene WeightLifting Belt?

➤ Our high quality Neoprene WeightLifting Belt can provide 3 main functions during heavy lifting.


➤ Many studies have shown the correct use of a belt can help to stabilize and reduce the stress placed on the spine during heavy lifting.

➤ The belt greatly increases abdominal pressure, this increased pressure pushes the core muscles and lower back to better protect and insulate the spine.

➤ This ensures better protection during heavy Lifting.


➤ Wearing a good belt forces lifters into using better mechanics. When lifting with a belt there is significantly less bending or rounding of the back as the belt helps to adjust you into better mechanics.

➤ There is also a great increase in hip and knee flexion whilst wearing a belt. This is exactly the mechanics you want to achieve when performing Squats, Deadlifts and any variation of Olympic movement.


➤ Scientific studies have shown that using a reliable WeightLifting belt during heavy lifting allows you to move greater loads than you would be able to without it.

➤ Many studies have found lifters using a belt to squat an average of 10 pounds more than when they weren't wearing a belt.

➤ Other studies also indicate that the speed of the rep also remains greater whilst using a belt.

On top of this, the belt is extremely adjustable and flexible in comparison to a standard leather belt.

➤ It is also perfect for time sensitive workouts such as WODS as the Velcro support allows for extremely quick release, ensuring no time at all is wasted.

Lift Stronger - Made from the highest quality neoprene rubber, customized mesh, nylon straps, and strong steel buckle, our new belt will give you the confidence to lift heavier, safe in the knowledge your back is protected.

Lift Safer - With back issues such a common occurance we have ensured Our extremely high quality materials and design enable your back to be optimally protected during the big lifts. Our belt is 6" wide offering optimum protection.

Highly Adjustable - The belt is highly adjustable which ensures an extremely contoured design enabling the belt to adjust and take your body shape quickly. The velcro allows for extremely quick release, vital during time intensive drills / WODS.

Multi Purpose - Whilst this belt is lightweight and highly flexible, it is ensures an excellent level of support. This makes it perfect for all kinds of workouts including WOD / Weightlifting / Powerlifting / Bodybuilding / Circuit Training.

Perfect Fit - Utilizing the Velcro support enables you to adjust the belt to a tightness that is perfect and very specific to you. This level of accuracy is not achievable with a leather belt.




Urban Lifters Neoprene Weightlifting Belt - 6" wide back support, quick release Velcro strap and strong steel buckle.


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