At Urban Lifters we are proud to announce the arrival of our Powerlifting Range Wrist Wraps.
These wraps are premium grade and have been extensively developed and tested in accordance with the needs and wants of international powerlifters.
Note: These wraps have been constructed for Elite / Competitive lifters who will be dealing with huge weights and much stress on their knees in particular.

Who are these Wraps suitable for?
Intense competition Powerlifting
Pro-Level Powerlifting
Competition Powerlifting
Competition Strongman

Why Powerlifting Range Wraps?
These are the safest and most secure Wrist Wraps we have ever produced at Urban Lifters.
During heavy lifting tremendous strain is placed on the wrists. The wrist will be better protected than ever before giving you full security under heavy lifts and loads. Whilst developing this range we have also worked very closely with a number of international level Powerlifters in an effort to best establish the wants and needs of those lifters under the greatest stresses of all.
The high grade, rigid material our Powerlifting Range have been developed with ensure a solid cast like feeling for lifters. This added stabilisation not only prevents injury but gives lifters added confidence under the bar.
The above will not only drastically reduce the chance of injury but will also allow lifters to constantly chase new PB's and records.

The Powerlifting Range also offers a great deal of versatility - allowing the wraps to make an impact at varying degrees of tightness depending on what the athlete is comfortable with.Urban Lifters Powerlifting Range Knee Wraps

Competition Grade Measurements - 2 metres extended length and 3 inches wide.

Performance enhancement
 - Unique blend of materials allow for the storing and release of extra energy. Providing the famous 'Rebound' effect.

Enhanced Safety
- Our stiffest ever materials ensure an extremeply tight fitting and anti slip. This ensures the stabilizing of the knee and surrounding structures under heavy loads.
Full Functional Testing - Fully tested and used by top level Powerlifting and Strongman athletes under extremely heavy loads.

Wrist Straps - Power Lifting Range


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